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Which Are the Best Hurricane Shutters?

Major hurricanes cause millions of dollars in property damage. So, it’s critical to reinforce your house with a quality product. Let’s review some of the most popular choices for storm protection: hurricane shutters, impact windows, fabric hurricane shutters and plywood.

Traditional Hurricane Shutters

There are a lot of different types of hurricane shutters. The most popular permanently installed ones are:

  • Roll-down hurricane shutters
  • Bahama hurricane shutters
  • Colonial hurricane shutters

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Automated or smart roll-down hurricane shutters can be deployed in seconds. Depending on the model, these aluminum hurricane shutters can endure 200-plus mph winds, add security and enhance energy efficiency. When not in use, they roll up into a little housing box above windows or doors.

Our LouverShield™ Hurricane Shutters provide the ultimate shield for protecting your home:

  • Hurricane rated to endure 230 mph winds.
  • Exclusive End Retention System ends the need for storm bars.
  • Feature an extra-small housing box to conceal shutters when not down.
  • Customizable colors to flatter your home.
  • Come in manual, motorized, remote control or smart home configurations.
  • Backed by a performance guarantee.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters look like classic Bahama shutters, which give shade when open and let in cool breezes when shut. But these decorative hurricane shutters are made from sturdy aluminum that can withstand strong winds and flying debris.

Our Bahama hurricane shutters:

  • Can be deployed in minutes by folding them against windows.
  • Provide privacy, shade and breezes on still days.
  • Come in customizable colors to enhance your house.
  • Are approved by the Miami-Dade HVHZ Building Code, Florida Building Commission and Texas Department of Insurance.
  • Include a performance guarantee.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters have the style of wood shutters but give the protection of metal hurricane shutters. Like Bahama hurricane shutters, their aluminum construction provides strong protection against high wind and flying debris.

Our colonial hurricane shutters:

  • Can be down in minutes by securing them against windows.
  • Can be strengthened with storm bars for extra protection.
  • Are available in custom colors to increase curb appeal.
  • Are approved by the Miami-Dade HVHZ Building Code, Florida Building Commission and Texas Department of Insurance.
  • Backed by a performance guarantee.

Impact Windows

With impact windows, you don’t need to install hurricane window shutters. They look like regular windows but are less likely to break or be sucked out during negative pressure.

They also:

  • Provide instant protection and don’t have to be covered.
  • Let plenty of sunshine into your home.
  • Stop harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce outdoor noise.

The drawback of hurricane impact windows is the price. They’re much more expensive than hurricane shutters.

Fabric Hurricane Shutters

Fabric hurricane shutters are mesh or reinforced polyvinyl carbonate sheets that connect to your house with grommets, straps or buckles. Some kinds can be slid onto tracks.

They also:

  • Are lightweight, making them easy to install.
  • Are less expensive than other hurricane shutters.

Some types have been rated to withstand 275 mph winds, or a Category 5 hurricane. However, strong aluminum styles will provide the highest level of protection from flying debris.


Plywood is an affordable way to cover your home before a storm. However, it does have a few negatives:

  • You need a lot of time.
  • You’ll need help because sheets are heavy and large.
  • You need to cut, measure and fasten boards with nails or screws.
  • Plywood isn’t a lasting solution and has to be stored when not up.
  • It’s an eyesore and you can’t see out of windows when they’re covered.

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